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The Guide for the Wheelchair Handball Game

Wheelchair Handball (Japan)

Wheelchair Handball is a fast, dynamic team sport which is played indoor . The aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible by throwing a ball into the goal. In the game of Wheelchair Handball the ball is passed by using your hands. A Players can play the ball by throwing,catching, pushing or hitting the ball with an open hand. Hold the ball for a maximum of three seconds. Take a maximum of three pushes of the wheelchair, bounce, pass or throw the ball to the goal. While stationary bounce the ball repeatedly with one hand, dribble the ball, once you catch the ball again, you must pass it or throw it at the goal. A player continues to push while they dribble the ball

The Game

A game last for two halves of 15 minutes each. The break between them is regulary 5 minutes. Players can receive a 2 minute suspension of the court as penalty for infringements of the rules. Each team consist of ten players, six of them are on the court, five field players and goalkeeper, and one or more disabled player or woman’s player. Substitutions are unlimited. One team form defensive line along their 6 meter goal area, while the other team is attacking by passing the ball and trying to score a goal by throwing the ball in the net behind the goalkeeper. Goals can be scored anywhere outside of the goalkeepers area. Field players are not allowed in to keepers a rea. After a goal is scored the game restarts with a throw off from the middle of the court.

The Court

The playing court (see diagram) is a 35 meter long and 20 meter wide rectangle, consisting of two goal areas and playing area. The goal area is semicircle sector with a radius of 6 meter.

The Goal

The interior measures are 3 meter in width and 1.65 meter in height.

The Ball

The ball is made of synthetic material, It should be spherical in shape. The synthetic material should be soft. The size of the ball should be 54-56cm ( IHFSize2).

Demonstration Video

The Rule of Wheelchair Handball Game Q & A

Q How to play a wheelchair handball Game?

A A play is started by a throw off. The offending player can play the ball by throwing, catching, pushing, hitting, passing or dribbling the ball and throw the ball to goal and get one point. If the defending player prevent the offending player to attack or act, catch the ball, and then the defending player became the offending player, passs, drible and throw the ball.

Q How many players do they play the wheelchair handball game

A Each team consist of ten players ,six ( one is goalkeeper ) of them on the court. There should be one or more disabled player or woman's player on the court.

Q How large is the court ?

A 35m long and 20m wide rectangle

Q How large is the goal ?

A 3m wide × 1. 65m height

Q The goal-area line & the Free-throw line ?

The goal-area line is a 6m semi circle, and the free-throw line is 9m semi circle

Q Playing Time

A 2 The Playing time is 2 halves of 15minuites and the half-time break is 5 minutes.

Q Is the ball hard ?

A The ball is made of synthetic material. The synthetic material should be soft. the size of the ball should be 54-56cm(Nagasekenko Size 2).

Q Over steps ?

A It should be penalized to be more than four pushes of the wheelchair.

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