Japan Wheelchair Handball Federation

Statements by President

 Wheelchair handball is the sports that anybody can enjoy anytime, anywhere, regardless of having handicap or not. One of the most attractive points of this sports is that the offence team tried to attack the opponent with shoot or path, while a defence team and a goal keeper try to stop the attack operating wheelchair skillfully, which shows us very speedy impressions.

  Japan Wheelchair Handball Federation is heading for “Creation of a symbiosis society with handicapped people and an able-bodied people”. Whether handicapped or not, we would like to respect the individuality of each member and spread the fun and the interests of wheelchair handball widely.

  We have completed 16th(2018)Japan Wheelchair Handball Championship this year by your supports. We would like to diffuse and promote Wheelchair handball widely, while taking the cooperation with an administration agency to be able to enjoy to play it in local area. Finally, we would like to promise to take care of the governance of our organization.

We would be grateful for your continued support and cooperation.


  • NAME : Japanese wheelchair handball Federation
  • VENUE : 134-1, Sakata, Satoura-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima-ken, 772-0021 
    (Secretariat) Japanese wheelchair handball Federation secretariat Tadashi Handa
  • TEL/FAX : +81-88-686-3492/+81-88-686-8192
  • Email : handa2310@mb.pikara.ne.jp
  • Homepage : http://jwhf.jp/english
  • Date of Foundation : March 31, 2003
  • President : Minoru Kino
  • The purpose of an organization : This federation generalizes the wheelchair handball championship in Japan, and makes it the organization which represents with this healthy game which has aiming at spread and promotion of a wheelchair handball game. It aims at contributing to training of an exhibition and sports culture. 
  • The main activities A Japanese wheelchair handball championship is held. 
    Various spread enterprises 


  • March 31, 2003 A Japanese wheelchair handball league is inaugurated .
  • March 31, 2003 It joins in Japan Handball Association.
  • January 31, 2004 Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare cup The 1st Japan wheelchair handball game commemoration convention is held.
  • An annual conference is held henceforth [ whole ].
  • November 29.30, 2008 Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare prize A name change is made at a Japanese wheelchair handball game convention.
  • October, 2009 It participates in 2008 EHF wheelchair Handball Event.
  • April, 2011 Public utility foundation corporation Half membership is carried out to Japan Sports Association for the Disabled.
  • October 19.20, 20013 Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare prize The 11th Japan wheelchair handball championship is held.
  • Novembers 22-23,2014 Minister of ECSST Cup The 13th Japan Wheelchair Handball Championship is held.



  • President Minoru Kino
  • Honorary President Masayuki Oku
  • Vice Honorary President Hiroki Konishi
  • Honorary Adviser Sei Tamari
  • Vice president Takafumi Ichida, Masao Toyota
  • Chief director Tadashi Handa
  • Vice Chief Director Hidekazu Tanaka, Shojiro Yamanaka
  • Executive director Yoshiaki Yoshida, Takashi Anami, Shigeru Namikawa, Hiroshi Iida, Yosuke Fukushima, Ikuo Imano, Shofuku Kaneda, Akihisa Kanagawa, Akira Yamazaki, Fumiya Oki,
  • Manager Yoriko Fujii, Kazuyo Abe


  • Holding of a Minister of ECSST Cup The 14th Japan Wheelchair Handball Championship
  • Holding of a Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare prize Japan wheelchair handball championship
  • Offer of information
  • Description of a rule
  • Renewal of a homepage
  • The demonstration of a game
  • A leader's training Holding of a referee school etc.

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